Trying Out CHiLO



CHiLO Technology Components

CHiLO Book

A next-generation digital textbook configured with CHiLO Lectures and CHiLO badges.

CHiLO Lectures

CHiLO Lectures are lecture video clips embedded in each page of CHiLO Book and plays the part of transmitting the knowledge to the learners in the steps of learning. These 1-minute video lectures are fit for studying on your spare time with mobile devices such as smartphones for it is said that the viewing time of most online learners is approximately 1 minute.

CHiLO Badges

CHiLO Books provide assignment tests and the issuance of digital badges when the learner passes the assignment test. Digital badges are certificates with e-signatures to certify the learning outcome and are becoming recognized worldwide.

CHiLO Community

Learners may download CHiLO Books freely from the library and share information, have discussions and learn with co-learners in the learning community.

CHiLO Analytics

By analyzing the learning logs accumulated in the CHiLO Reader App, we aim at recommending the best-fit learning environment according to the learners’ preferences and objectives.

CHiLO Book Architecture

CHiLO Book

There are two types of CHiLO Books: Hybrid type, and Web type.
Hybrid CHiLO Book

Embedding explanation videos solely in the EPUB3 format ebooks, assignment tests and the function to issue badges are linked to Moodle, the open source LMS. This type of CHiLO Book is fit to be published on online book stores such as iBooks Store and Google Play Store and has the merit of being provided in many distribution channels.

Web CHiLO Book

Web type CHiLO Book is developed utilizing HTML5. It has a merit of easy access via Web browser.

Trying Out CHiLO

At NPO CCC-TIES, having the hope for many people to provide learning resources utilizing this new learning system CHiLO, we provide the following system as an open source or free of charge.

Moodle Skin for CHiLO Book (Download from GitHub)

Moodle skin utilized for Hybrid CHiLO Book and its information for installation.

CHiLO Producer (Download from GitHub)

CHiLO Books are packageable by placing the resources that you want to package in the CHiLO Book to the prescribed folders. Then text information such as the table of contents on to the Exel file.

CHiLO Community

At the moment, we are preparing to provide the system as an open source. See the following for examples.

【Implementation Examples】

CHiLO Book Library


CHiLO Reader App. (Download website)

It is a dedicated CHiLO Book ebook reader. Learning records can be stored within the app.