From TIES to CHiLO

System Consolidation and Launch of the New Service “CHiLO V3”

April 1, 2017

TIES System, aiming at opening, sharing and linking with education since 1998, is now ready to be launched as the new system CHiLO V3.

“CHiLO” is a learning support system using the ebook CHiLO Book.
By converting handouts and videos of the lecture into ebooks and uploading them on blogs and SNS websites, this new system enables creating online learning materials easily which learners can access freely.

Enjoy the new features of CHiLO following the TIES system.

Major Service Lineup of CHiLO V3

1.Providing free CHiLO Books for lectures and self-studying
CHiLO Book Library(

2.Offering free tools to create CHiLO Book
How to create CHiLO Book (
CHiLO Book creating workshops are occasionally held. Contact us!

3.Providing Moodle for CHiLO Book
Moodle for CHiLO trial site (

For use and service of CHiLO, click here.
Contact us for details.

About TIES

The following services provided by TIES has terminated.
We thank you for your kind understanding.

・Providing and supporting TIES V8 Open Source
Ended on March 31, 2017

・TIES V8 Trial Site
Ended on March 31, 2017

・TIES Sharing Site
Ended on March 31, 2018

We will continue to engage in the development and promotion of online education.
We appreciate your warm and continuing support.