Use and Service

Use CHiLO Book in class

Free CHiLO Books are available at CHiLO Book Library ( Some can be remixed, tweaked, and built upon enabling to add or modify quizzes and redistributed for use in class.

◇ How to use and learn with CHiLO Book, click here

Create your original CHiLO Book

1.Create with CHiLO Producer

Create CHiLO Book with the open source “CHiLO Producer.”

◇ Download CHiLO Producer from here
◇ How to create CHiLO Book, click here

2.Join CHiLO Book workshops

CHiLO Book workshops are held by NPO CCC-TIES. Contact us for details about the contents and fees.

3.Outsource CHiLO Book creation to NPO CCC-TIES

CCC-TIES supports creating resource data of videos and explanation texts, as well as creating CHiLO Book from your original learning resources. Contact us for further information.

Distribute CHiLO Book

1.Distribute through web servers

For easy distribution and browsing without special configuration on the server-side, upload  CHiLO Book to cloud services, university homepages, and blogs.

◇ About distributing, click here

2.CHiLO Library “”
When CHiLO Book is published as open educational resources (OER), use CHiLO Book Library ( for free of charge.
( The distribution may not be enabled depending on the content. For further details, contact us.)

3.Moodle for CHiLO Cloud Service
Restricting distribution of CHiLO Book to specified university lectures or limited students, register the CHiLO Book as learning materials to learning management systems (LMS). NPO CCC-TIES provides cloud-based Moodle as LMS.

◇ Moodle for CHiLO trial site, click here

Support desk

Tickets are available for other technical inquiries and troubleshooting. Contact us.