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What's New

UeLA & TIES Collaborative Forum 2016
Posted: 2017.01.10

University e-Learning Association and TIES Collaborative Forum was held at Tezukayama University, Nara, Higashi-Ikoma Campus on March 17-18,2017. Thank you very much to the many people who participated in the event.

New CHiLO Book “Professor OBA’s ‘This is IT! The English Grammar for Japanese Learners'” Released
Posted: 2016.12.21

Notice of a new CHiLO Book, “Professor OBA’s ‘This is IT! The English Grammar for Japanese Learners'” has been added to the CHiLO Library.

TIES Report Vol.9
Posted: 2016.11.28

TIES Report Vol.9 has been published.
This report compiles lectures given at TIES Symposium held on June 25, 2016 in PDF file format.

New CHiLO Books “Introduction to Chinese <Key points> Explanation” released
Posted: 2016.11.25

Notice of new series “Introduction to Chinese <Key points> Explanation” added to CHiLO Book Library!

Conference Activities & Talks
Posted: 2016.11.11

Transcripts of past lectures added

Notice of product consolidation
Posted: 2016.11.07

Notice of consolidation of TIES version 8 accompanying the launch of new CHiLO version 3

New CHiLO Books “OER Collection” released
Posted: 2016.10.20

Notice of new series “OER Collection” added to CHiLO Book Library!

The 19th MBI Workshop of Meiji Pharmaceutical University held
Posted: 2016.09.30

Joint event was held at Meiji Pharmaceutical University on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

Lecture given at the e-Learning Awards 2016 Forum
Posted: 2016.09.15

Director of CCC-TIES Research Institute, Masumi Hori gave a lecture titled “The Prospectives of Online Education in Universities” at the E-LEARNING AWARDS 2016 FORUM, which was held at sola city Conference Center on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

(CHiLO Book) Present State and Future of Online Education in Japan
Posted: 2016.08.29

The lectures can be seen on demand in Japanese.