TIES Reports Vol.3

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NPO CCC-TIES Symposium
How Will Open Education Change Universities?

Held: December 8, 2012
Issued: April 19, 2013

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  1. OE in Japan and the Status Quo of The Open University of Japan / Yoichi Okabe
  2. Globalization of Higher Education and Open Education: The Future Their Collaboration and Competitiveness Create /Toru Iiyoshi
  3. Higher Education and Open Access:The Potentiality of the Business Model of Open Education / Syun Tutiya
  4. The Initiatives of The CHiLO Project / Masumi Hori
  5. The Prospects of Open Education from the View of Open Source Communities / Koji Ando
  6. Panel Discussion -Part 2 Debate- / Toru Iiyoshi, Syun Tutiya, Koji Ando, Mitsunori Nagacho Masumi Hori, (MC)Seishi Ono