Notice: New Features of CHiLO V3 and Specification Changes

NPO Cyber Campus Consortium TIES
May 10, 2017

Started to Provide the Upgrade Version CHiLO

The organization released the new service “CHiLO V3” integrating TIES and CHiLO.
Of the open source software of “CHiLO V3”, we have newly released the upgrade version “CHiLO Book Producer” and “CHiLO Book Reader.”

About CHiLO Book

Major changes of the upgrade version are as follows:

■New features in creating CHiLO Book
・Youtube video embedding function
・Function to automatically split videos at the specified point
These newly added functions enable creating CHiLO Book easier, omitting the step to divide videos. The step to create CHiLO Book by splitting and editing videos into multiple short video clips is still valid.

CHiLO Books with Youtube videos embedded are unable to be registered in Google Play and iBooks Store.

■New Feature for browsing CHiLO Book
・Auto page flip function added

Added the function to flip the page and play the video automatically to the end when the first video explanation page is displayed.
Auto page flip function can be switched on and off.

OER Collection

Download CHiLO Book Producer
Download CHiLO Book Reader